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AKR Corporindo

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About AKR Corporindo

  • Energy & Utilities
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What it does: Chemical and energy production distribution, coal mining, container loading and unloading, integrated supply chain services, handling of bulk freight and logistics infrastructure.

Best known for: AKR Corporindo is one of the leading logistics, supply chain, and infrastructure service providers in Indonesia.

Staff stats: Between 1,000 and 5,000 employees.

The good bits: Most employees are satisfied with their salaries, despite AKR not discussing remuneration during the initial recruitment phases.

The not so good bits: The company observes an age limit for certain roles. Recent graduates who are over 30 years old may have slimmer chances of joining AKR.

The AKR Corporindo (AKR) story

Soegiarto Adikoesoemo laid the foundation for AKR by starting a small chemical trading business in 1960. He then established PT Aneka Kimia Raya in 1977 which later became AKR. The company has become one of the biggest private distributors of chemicals, petroleum, logistics, and supply chain solutions with 17 port operations in Indonesia.

In 2005, AKR pioneered the distribution of non-subsidised fuel by a private company in Indonesia. They also became the first choice of the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulator for the distribution of subsidised petroleum, which the company has done since 2010.

The recruitment process

Applicant should remember that the company won’t send SMS messages to confirm their appointment. You shouldn’t pay any fees during the hiring process as well, and be wary of travel agents that claim to recruit employees on behalf of AKR.

Career prospects

Entry-level roles at the company include data analysts. AKR looks for individuals with bachelor’s degrees in economics, IT, management or statistics for this role. You’ll have an edge over other candidates if you are familiar with using a GPS and maps. The company also hires fresh graduates as IT developers, but they must not be over 30 years old.

Individuals with a good working knowledge of the following software and technology tool will have better luck of receiving job offers: C#, Java, Delphi, C++, SQL Server, MySQL, OOP, Socket, Serial Protocol, web-based, desktop and embedded applications.

AKR doesn’t require work experience for entry-level accounting and finance roles. Graduates should have a minimum of S1 Accounting education with a GPA of 3.00. Business administration and management, economics, marketing and industrial engineering graduates can join the sales development program. You should have a minimum GPA of 3.00 and be willing to work across Indonesia. A SIM A driver’s licence will be necessary too.


AKR doesn’t disclose compensation and salary increments until you’ve received a job offer. The average salary of managers, though, ranges from IDR26 million to IDR28 million per month. Entry-level employees at the company earn at least IDR3 million per month on average. Employees said that they receive educational support, food and transportation allowances, health insurance and housing benefits.

The culture

Some former employees describe the company as a good place for recent graduates to start their career, as AKR opens a lot of doors for professional opportunities. The positivity at the work environment stems from the satisfaction with their compensation, facilities and work-life balance.

The size of AKR, however, makes it quite difficult to foster a seamless collaboration among teams. Management policies tend to change abruptly based on the experience of HR staff, which could mean you’ll need to think on your feet and cope with fast-paced progress at the company.

The competition

The company’s peers in the fuel distribution, production and trading sector include PT Vale Indonesia, PT Cosmic Petroleum Nusantara and PT Yavindo Sumber Persada.

Social contributions

AKR has supported different education projects through donations and scholarships. Some employees have also volunteered to donate blood. The company looks after the environment and the welfare of employees through the Safety, Health, and Environment (S.H.E) initiative. In 2019, AKR agreed to shift from importing marine fuel oil to purchasing it from Pertamina. The company’s decision will help the Indonesian government to save around US$200 million per year.

The vibe of the place

The age limit for some job vacancies at AKR limits an individual’s chances of joining the company, but this requirement also bodes well for younger candidates. You’ll need to evaluate your education and skills more carefully to ask for a justified salary. The company’s preference to withhold salary discussions during recruitment can be tricky if you’re unaware of your market value.

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