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Training & Personal Development at Alcoa Australia

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
My formal training comes through the graduate program. The training is very self driven and we have to put a proposal together when we want to do any courses. It would be nice to have someone coordinate this who is outside of the graduate program as it would help with continuity. In terms of informal training, if I ever need to know anything then someone is always willing to teach.
Graduate, Waroona
I have gained a variety of skills in safety and hygiene and been trained in numerous areas to improve my contribution to the company
Graduate, Perth
Yet to attend any training programmes however am excited with the amount of trainings offered through the graduate meetings.
Graduate, Pinjarra/ Perth
Time management, public speaking, advanced excel, pump training, leadership styles, stress management, working in confined space, working at heights, working as an operator, internal systems training, problem solving, root cause analysis... all in my first year.
Graduate, Pinjarra
Training programs run by AIM and the grad program is good however the on the job training is poor
Graduate, Perth
Advanced excel, slurry pump selection, advanced root cause analysis, pump fundamentals, defensive driving course, operating the plant. Multiple different course all very relevant to your development as a graduate.
Graduate, Perth
The graduate program offers a lot of training courses and opportunities to graduates.
Graduate, Perth
There are so many opportunities for growth and the internal informal mentorship by my colleagues has been extremely valuable.
Graduate, Kwinana, WA
Many safety programs, confined spaces etc. A lot of the internal systems are picked up on the job as I require them.
Graduate, Portland
AIM courses are pretty general - would be good to have specialised courses depending on your occupation.
Graduate, Perth