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Astra International

  • > 100,000 employees

About Astra International

  • Transport & Logistics

What it does: PT Astra International Tbk (Astra International) is one of the largest corporates in Indonesia. Their core business is automotive but there are six other business segments including:

  • Financial Services

  • Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction, Energy

  • Agribusiness

  • Infrastructure and Logistics

  • Information Technology

  • Property

Best known for: Dominating the sale of cars and motorcycles in Indonesia. 

Staff stats: 220,000 employees and 220 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates.

The good bits: Career prospects at one of the most credible and reliable companies in the country. 

The not so good bits: Intense competition when it comes to career progression. 

Hiring grads with top marks in: Economics & Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, IT & Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, Law & Legal Studies, Communication.

Astra International’s story

In 1957, two brothers William Soerjadjaya and Tjia Kian Tie built a general trading company named Astra International Inc, in Jakarta. In 1990, the company’s name was changed to PT Astra International Tbk for their Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Astra International has shown strong and sustained growth after Indonesia was hit by the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s. This crisis forced the company to restructure and reorganize its business model, including a takeover by the Hong Kong based Jardine Matheson Group in 1999.

Astra International operates predominantly in Indonesia. In the automotive industry, through a joint business with Toyota Motor Corporation, Astra International has the exclusive right to sell Toyota vehicles in the Indonesian market. Astra International also partners with Daihatsu, Isuzu and Honda motorcycles. The company distributes heavy equipment that is used for construction via PT United Tractors Tbk and PT Traktor Nusantara.

In addition to their vehicle business, Astra International offers car and motorcycle financing and insurance through subsidiaries, such as PT Astra Sedaya Finance, PT Federal International Finance (FIF), and PT Komatsu Astra Finance. Astra International is also involved in retail banking through a stake in Bank Permata and in 2018, the group entered a mobile lending fin-tech business with a brand called Maucash.

Astra International has been participating in the development of Indonesia's strategic infrastructure, including toll roads (Trans Jawa) and a sea port, as well as transportation and logistics. Other sectors that the group has started to tap through their subsidiaries are coal mining, palm oil plantation, information technology, and property.

Career prospects & the recruitment process

Both fresh graduates and professionals are welcome at Astra International. Occasionally, they offer internships for university students. For fresh graduates, the company offers the Management Trainee (MT) development program that will give you opportunities to become a future manager. The 12-month program will expose you to all essential knowledge about the company with both in-class training and on the job training.

With diverse business ventures, various graduates are needed in Astra International. For an MT position, they accept a Bachelor’s Degree from almost all courses, such as Economics, Psychology, Law, Industrial Engineering, Communication, or Business Administration.

Other requirements they are looking for are: analytical thinking and interpersonal skills, a proactive nature and eagerness to learn, and with fresh graduates they look for active involvement in campus organized activities. Some positions also require a proficiency in English – both written and verbal and a willingness to travel around Indonesia.

Job vacancies are usually announced on the Astra International official website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). The recruitment process is different for professionals and fresh graduates. For experienced professionals, the steps are to fill in the application form, interview with Human Resources (HR) and direct manager/supervisor. If you’re a recent graduate, expect to fill in an application form, complete online test, take a psychology test, participate in a forum group discussion, then interview with HR and a direct manager/supervisor.

If everything goes well, for both professionals and fresh graduates, the company will make an offer and let you discuss and decide. The last step is a medical checkup, to make sure you are fit to carry out your role.


For the Management Trainee program, the salary starts at IDR 5,000,000 per month, while professionals can earn salaries from IDR 7,000,000 per month, depending on the position and experience. Permanent employees receive a comprehensive and competitive remuneration package. Astra International provides a variety of facilities and activities, aimed to enhance the welfare of their employees. Health benefits, clinics and sport activities are available to facilitate employee health care.

Astra International also gives much consideration to the continued well-being of employees post retirement through their retirement preparation program administered by Astra Pension Fund (DPA), a supplementary program to those provided through the state pension program.

In  principle,  Astra International encourages their employees  to invest in and hold securities (including shares  or bonds) which are issued by the company and/or other companies within the Astra International group listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, as  a long term and non-speculative investment. However, these investments must be carried out in accordance with the capital market regulations.

The culture 

Astra International’s corporate philosophy ‘Catur Dharma’ is the basis of their company culture. The Catur Dharma reflects Astra’s desire to be an asset to the nation, provide high levels of service, respect individuals and promote teamwork, and to continually strive for excellence. Astra International respects the rights of customers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The company is also committed to price, quality, delivery time, after-sales service and product warranties in accordance with applicable standards.

The company acknowledges their employee’s competence and performance, believes in equality of opportunities regardless of seniority, gender, race/ethnicity, religion or belief. Astra International allows their employees to fully develop their talents and skills as the company treats the employees as valuable assets.

As a giant company with so many subsidiaries, Astra International may offer immense job opportunities. However, the turnover rate is quite high as there is not much room to move up the career ladder, leading to intense competition among the employees. 

Social Contributions 

Astra International has various social responsibility programs focused on four basic areas: education, small and medium enterprises (SME) development, environment and health.

In the education sector, Astra International provides elementary and junior high school education through Adiwiyata schools and vocational education quality improvement.

Astra International supports entrepreneurship through “AKU BISA” (Asosiasi Pelaku Usaha Kecil Binaan Astra) which focuses on the public and persons with disabilities. Their commitment to the environment is carried out through the Astra Forest program, which includes a conservation area and integrated and sustainable protection for biodiversity.

In the health sector, the company has launched a program called “Astra KIRANA” which aims at improving the health of mothers, teenagers and children through the promotion of clean and healthy lifestyles, nutrition improvement, and family planning programs.

The vibe of the place

Astra International has a positive work culture supported by good facilities and rewards. The consequence of working in a large-scale company is to face the complexity of bureaucracy. In Astra International, there is a hierarchy structure and multiple levels for decision-making and document approval. This could be a challenge to present new ideas and create change at work. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to learn and improve skills, network and become a part of a large community in one of the top companies in Indonesia.

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