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Why Recruitment?

There’s very few people who work in recruitment who don’t LOVE what they do. You are contributing to not only changing the course of people’s lives, but you are also helping organisations to achieve their growth goals by sourcing the best people on the market.

Because each placement you make earns your employer a fee, you personally benefit by getting a share of the fee in the form of commission, which is normally uncapped. For these reasons, working in recruitment offers a unique combination of being both emotionally and financially rewarding.

No two days are ever the same, and you are always learning new skills and gaining knowledge of the industries in which you recruit. For these reasons, many people go on to be industry experts themselves and end up working for their clients who they have built long lasting relationships with. Those who choose to stay in recruitment can have long and prosperous careers where they have a macro view of the whole industry and contribute to the success of many businesses not just one.

Industry Statistics

The recruitment industry continues to experience consistent growth. With COVID-19 in its final stages, the economy is poised to bounce back hard, resulting in growth across all sectors of the economy which translates into lots of jobs to be filled, so recruitment agencies will be very busy.

Year 2015

Number of Businesses: circa 7,000
Market Size: $11.2 billion
Industry Employment: 93,000 people.

Year 2020

Number of Businesses: circa 8,459
Market Size: $14 billion
Industry Employment: 159,300.

Earning Potential

(OTE means On Target Earnings)

Year 1, Trainee -$45-65k Salary Package + Commission
(OTE $70k - $120k)

Year 2, Consultant $55-75k Salary Package + Commission
(OTE $80k to $140k)

Year 3-5, Senior Consultant $75-95k Salary Package + Commission
(OTE $90k to $200k+)

Year 5-10, Principal, State Manager, Associate Director $85-120k Salary Package + Commission
(OTE $100k to $250k+)

Why FutureStream?

By applying for a Trainee Recruitment Consultant through FutureStream, you will be offered the opportunity to learn exactly what it is like to work in the industry before deciding to proceed. If you think it is for you and we believe you are suitable, you will be represented to the most reputable recruitment consulting firms from small specialist boutiques to global multinationals.

There is a HUGE emphasis on training. Meaning you will only be represented to firms which have a well structured training plan which will give you the best chance of being successful.

Entry requirements are based around you as a person as opposed to having any specific experience. Successful recruiters are both introverts and extroverts, but critically are people who enjoy interacting with people. It is highly relationship driven, as if job seekers and employers feel they can trust you to put in the work that’s required to get the job done, your client and candidate base will grow and grow allowing you to make more and more placements, changing lives and shaping industry.

OK, I’m in! Next Steps?

The process from applying to receiving an offer normally takes between 2 to 4 weeks so is typically is a much faster process than applying for corporate graduate schemes.

There is a 3 stage application process which takes less than 10 minutes to complete and can be done from your phone or computer.

If your application is successful, you will first have a phone / video link discussion with FutureStream allowing you to ask whatever questions you may have (15-30 mins) while we find out more about you which allows us to decide which recruitment agencies you would be most suited to.

The final stage will be face to face meetings with 2 to 4 agencies (normally in the same day) which will normally result in at least one job offer. We will make sure you have all the information you need before interviewing to make sure you are as best prepared as you can be.

Please note: Because we represent the recruitment industry, by applying for this position you are in effect applying for multiple positions at the same time. The positions are not within FutureStream itself, but with the best recruitment agencies in Australia with the best training, management, earning potential and long term career opportunities. 

To begin please check our opportunities here.

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