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People First Consulting

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About People First Consulting

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What it does: provides third-party Human Resource (HR) management consulting services. 

Best known for: providing HR services to businesses in Indonesia such as Salvus and Rucika. 

Staff stats: Up to 10 employees in their office in Jakarta. 

The good bits: Fair compensation and good work-life balance.

The not so good bits: The workload can pile up quickly, and management expects employees to meet deadlines strictly. 

The People First story

People First Consulting is composed of various HR practitioners in Indonesia with over ten years of experience. The people behind People First Consulting are human resource professionals from various industries who decided to establish a business that provided HR solutions for other companies in Indonesia. 

The recruitment process

Applicants who wish to work for People First Consulting can send their updated CV to the company via email. Chosen candidates will be called in for an interview where their professional background and job specifications will be discussed. Some employees may be assigned to different offices. 


The average industry salary in Indonesia for HR professionals is at least IDR 7,646,000 per month. Entry-level employees in People First Consulting can expect a competitive salary.

The culture

People First has a straightforward work-and-learn corporate culture. It is a place where even newly-hired employees are encouraged to contribute and think of better ideas on how to provide HR services to clients. 

The vibe of the place

People First has a familial vibe to it. There are only a handful of employees in the company, so everyone enjoys an environment where people can get to know one another and foster a close-knit environment. 

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