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Job Satisfaction at Visy

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Graduate accountant's role in my rotation revolves mostly around preparation of standard mid-month and month-end reports, as well as looking after the profit and loss statement.
Graduate, Melbourne
Day-to-day responsibilities include lab testing, data entry, administration, liaising with contractors and suppliers, daily checking of assigned equipment/processes and project management.
Graduate, Brisbane
Checking processes and systems operational. Schedule maintenance tasks. Improve and optimise machine/process system. Monitor chemical consumption and report budget number. Placing order for chemicals and consumables.
Graduate, Sydney
Working and implementing projects across the paper mills. A big part of my job is to identify where excess amount of energy is being used and come up with a solution.
Graduate, Coolaroo, Melbourne
In my role I support my team in helping them achieve the best results for the company and stakeholders
Graduate, Melbourne
I am part of the supply chain/ Logistics stream in the Visy Graduate Program. Each rotation is giving me the opportunity to perform different tasks and work on different tools/ software that I believe is helping me to broaden my skill set and learn in the best way possible. Currently my day to day task involves generating multiple reports and working on a project.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am responsible for a business unit that produces laminated paper. Involves demand planning, forecasting, communicating with plants, scheduling, new product development and logistics. Also involved in demand planning and inventory projects across multiple business units.
Graduate, Melbourne
VIPAs (Processing Quotes), misc. admin tasks, projects (Margin and process improvement)
Graduate, Melbourne
Procurement Data Analyst - managing stakeholder expectations - Assist in data analysis and RFP support - managing and supporting the procurement pipeline
Graduate, Melbourne
I now manage a large function and being able to implement the required systems for success is incredibly satisfying
Experienced, Sydney
My role is a Project Process Engineer. Day-to-day I split my time between process operations (trials, troubleshooting, continuous improvement) and working on longer term projects like plant shuts and upgrades.
Midlevel, Melbourne
I am involved in machine maintenance through implementation of systems and process.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Responsibilities include many tasks which relate directly to the knowledge obtained during my studies, which are applied in a real life setting. As a chemical engineer, there is seemingly unlimited opportunities for FEED, hands on learning, planning, project management, data analysis and problem solving, which are all immensely satisfying.
Graduate, Tumut
My day to day responsibilities are analysing machine downtime and feedback from machine operators then planning maintenance tasks to improve OEE. I also order spare parts, make mechanical drawings to manufacture replacement parts.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Role is to research solutions and build a project to achieve those solutions. My day to day involves managing any contractors on site, getting quotes, build project scope of works and timelines
Graduate, Melbourne
Currently I am responsible for the solution design and and commercial development of transport and warehouse tenders as well as being involved in various optimisation projects and new implementations.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Managing projects that produce new products, services and processes.
Midlevel, Melbourne
I'm in a support role to the team I work in. I provide them with project and analytical support
Graduate, Melbourne