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Management at Visy

8 rating for Management, based on 18 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
I am highly satisfied with my managers. I have 1-on-1's with mine once a month which adds extreme benefit to my progression and attributes that I want as an employee. They are highly accessible, friendly and genuine overall.
Graduate, Brisbane
Managers are available for help and consultation but the busy production pace causes them to be caught up in tiny details. They are excellent for advice when solving problems, however, for career development, it is limited.
Graduate, Sydney
It was hard in the start where as graduate I was not sure what topics I can talk about and what not. As I am getting more day to day experience of working with my managers. Talking to them is getting easier and more accessible. My manager provides me a good feedback on my work and also helps me in tackling any issue that I might face while working on projects.
Graduate, Coolaroo, Melbourne
All my managers/ line leaders thus far have been very supportive and helpful. 1-on-1 meetings are conducted on a regular basis with our managers to provide updates, share ideas, get feedbacks or to ask for any kind of support.
Graduate, Melbourne
Management do provide mentors - though you will have to be proactive and seek them yourself.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am satisfied with my managers, all are approachable and willing to mentor/advise on a problem or issue.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have had 3 managers so far - all different management styles. All of them are very accessible, they make time for me so that was good . All of them have their own insights to pass on and I believe they make good mentors to the right people. Performance feedback varied between managers (either praise or no praise).
Graduate, Melbourne
Direct access to senior management. Less formal that most organisations
Experienced, Sydney
In my experience, very satisfied. I've had two fairly different managers and both have been fantastic mentors and have been great for my development.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Management is very hit and miss at Visy. Through the graduate program, I was assigned a mentor but that was about the extent of the relationship.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Many different styles of management. Depending on which section/department, it can be hard to find time for mentoring and learning, so expect to do a lot of self-directed learning, and learning 'on the job'.
Graduate, Tumut
All managers I have been involved in are keen to develop graduates making time to train, teach and mentor. The business has great ways of providing feedback both positive and negative
Graduate, Melbourne
I have had an interesting mix of managers from being completely micro-managed to completely light-touch at the other end of the spectrum.
Midlevel, Melbourne
My boss is my mentor, I consult my boss for advice in both soft and hard skills.
Midlevel, Melbourne